What we can offer you and your organization …..


Representation Within the Federal & State OSH Administrative Law Forum

Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy in its Broadest Sense

Daily Federal & State Legislative/Regulatory Reports

Occupational Safety & Health/Loss Prevention Assessments

Turnkey Occupational Safety & Health Programs

Port Security Assessments and Training

Workplace Contaminant Measurement (Industrial Hygiene Sampling)

Occupational Noise Surveys

Industrial Illumination Assessments

Environmental Compliance Services

Expert Litigation Support*

Occupational Safety Training

Hazardous Materials (Dangerous Goods) in Transport Training

Chemical Hazard Communication (HazCom/GHS) Training

Accident Investigation

Impartial Resolution of Labor/Management Impasses and Disputes

In general and tort liability matters, The Blueoceana Company provides expert level fact advocacy on behalf of both Plaintiffs and Defendants. Prospective clients will please note that we are very selective regarding the assignments we accept. Acceptance is always based upon the merits of the arguments, the relevant facts of each case, and the moral imperatives contained therein.


Here are some of the many advantages our firm provides:

• Forty seven years of transportation industry experience and close association;

• Unfailing government contacts at Federal and State levels;

• A track record of proven success;

• Global recognition of our expertise and veracity; and

• In house Certified Safety Professional (CSP) &
Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) services