The Blueoceana Company, Incorporated


With our base inside the extremely cozy cottage shown above, The Blueoceana Company, Inc. [Blueoceana] is a highly specialized resource serving the ocean and surface transportation sectors. Blueoceana provides authoritative assistance and representation to a host of very impressive links within the ocean carrier, marine terminal, road, rail and freight distribution sectors, that together comprise the global transportation chain.

The firm’s Federal & State practice is proven, reliable and particularly accomplished in relation to all occupational health & safety, public safety, transportation security and environmental issues that impact the water, marine terminal and surface carriage modes and their associated logistics networks.

In these times of extremely complex government oversight and regulation, corresponding imperatives are your organization’s ability to influence enabling legislation, to correctly interpret the regulations that flow from such legislation and to carefully choose a legally consistent and efficient manner in which to conform to those mandates.

Blueoceana has the background, knowledge and track record to help you and your organization succeed in each of these very challenging areas. It is our hope that this website will provide you with the information necessary to understand a bit about Blueoceana, and the palette of services that we can provide to you and your organization.

In the full spectrum of interests that range from representation and advocacy within the administrative law processes, legislative and regulatory origination and revision, expert-level litigation support, full scale (or tightly focused) occupational safety and environmental assessments/industrial hygiene sampling and beyond, Blueoceana is uniquely positioned to completely satisfy your requirements.

Please get in touch with us for more information, or if you have specific questions about our services. We look forward to working on your behalf.